DragDrop is an educational gaming experience for kids. It teaches basic colors, shapes and how to combine them. The game will be played on the iPad using building bricks which represent the different colors as well as the three basic shapes.

Winter 2013 - Project
together with Fred Fahlke


Dropbox is a digital product, only existing when we’re online. But we don't have only digital goods that we want to share! The idea: DropboxGo, a social shipping community that brings file sharing to the real world. Every Dropbox user can offer himself as a DropboxGo and carry the package from another dropbox user while traveling. The users pay with the currency of megabytes.

Spring 2013 - Future Lions Award
together with Fred Fahlke

Alpina Hauptrolle

Alpina Farben is a leading color manufacturer based in Germany. The goal: Find new ways to communicate Alpina Farben as a fresh, emotional and social media integrated brand. The idea: "Alpina Hauptrolle" eng: leading role, a cinema experience that has never been seen before.

  • Hauptrolle Landingpage
Winter 2012 - Project with Scholz & Friends and Alpina Farben
together with Christian Nordmann

take off

Virgin is a brand which stands for innovative, high-quality, entertaining products. 2013 Virgin Galactic will be the first provider of commercial space tourism. To communicate this, Virgin makes a cooperation with one of the most famous brands standing for creativity and imagination - Lego. Together they launch a global competition in which the most creative Lego engineer flies into space.

Winter 2012 - Project
together in a four member Team


Inpetto is a social management platform for pets. Everyone knows traffic lights and street lamps, with worried "Missing Cat" letters. Or pet owners who want to go on vacation, but can't find a suitable sitter. Woudn`t it be easy if our pets could inform us by themselves about which neighboring animals they like to walk around with? And always be able to see where they are. With a GPS collar and its link to the diverse platform Inpetto this is no longer a wishful thinking.

  • Inpetto Landingpage
Summer 2012 - B.A. Thesis
Idea, Concept, Design, Video

the endless night

To generate attention for wanted.de, we create a unique brand event. We send the ten "Most Wanted Gentlemen" on a 36-hours lifestyle trip around the world remaining in the night time. But how could anyone become a "Most Wanted Gentleman"? On the website wanted.de or the Endless Night App! You have to login until 10PM to 5AM and collect "Night Minutes". The 10 most active collectors become the winners.

Winter 2011 - New Media Award 2012
Gold - YoungLions
together with David Hansmeyer

history of olympics

This multi-touch table application offers the possibility to compare competition-placements by placing a Sports-Tag on the table.

  • Prototyp
Spring 2011 - Project
together in a six member Team

moco community

Moco is a community which connects the real and the digital world just for one evening every day. Supported by configurable „Party Profiles“ you are able to find the best parties in town according to your current mood. Send song requests to the DJ, check Singles around you, locate friends, or just find the best way home.

Summer 2010 - Mobile Interaction
Konzept, Screendesign

    Carsten Hinz

  • B.A. Interaction Designer and Concepter

  • Since 2012 - Studying M.A. Interaction Design at HAWK Hildesheim

    Since 2012 - Freelancer

    2011 to 12 - Internship at LukasLindemannRosinski in Hamburg

    2009 to 12 - Studying B.A. Advertising and Digital Media at HAWK Hildesheim

    Awards and Publications:

    2013 - DMIG Designpreis - Nominated (DragDrop)

    2013 - WEAVE - Article in magazine 22 Page 6-7 (Alpina - Hauptrolle)

    2012 - PAGE - Article in magazine 12.12 Page 19 (Inpetto)

    2012 - DMIG - Featured (Inpetto)

    2012 - Cannes Lions - Young Creative Competitor (Categorie - CyberLions)

    2012 - New Media Award - Gold (The endless Night)

    Brand Affairs:

    Mercedes Benz | Panasonic | Germanwings | Bonprix
    Rossmann | Alpina Farben | Bosch

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